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152 die as plane crashes in rainy Pakistani hills

ISLAMABAD – A passenger jet that officials suspect veered off course in monsoon rains and thick clouds crashed into hills overlooking Pakistan's capital Wednesday, killing all 152 people on board and scattering body parts and twisted metal far and wide.

The Airblue jet's crash was the deadliest ever in Pakistan, and just the latest tragedy to jolt a country that has suffered numerous deaths in recent years due to al-Qaida and Taliban attacks. At least two U.S. citizens were on the plane, which carried mostly Pakistanis.

The plane left the southern city of Karachi at 7:45 a.m. for a two-hour flight to Islamabad and was trying to land when it lost contact with the control tower, said Pervez George, a civil aviation official. Airblue is a private airline based in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city.

The aircraft, an Airbus A321, crashed some 15 kilometers from the airport, scorching a wide stretch of the Margalla Hills, including a section behind Faisal Mosque, one of Islamabad's most prominent landmarks. Twisted metal wreckage hung from trees and lay scattered across the ground. Smoke rose from the scene as helicopters hovered.

The exact cause of the crash was not immediately clear, and rescue workers were seeking the "black box" flight data recorder amid the wreckage. But Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said the government did not suspect terrorism.

Rescue workers and citizen volunteers were hampered by the rain, mud and rugged terrain. The crash was so severe it would have been nearly impossible for any of the 146 passengers and six crew members to survive, rescue officials said.

"There is nothing left, just piles and bundles of flesh. There are just some belongings, like two or three traveling bags, some checkbooks, and I saw a picture of a young boy. Otherwise everything is burned," rescue worker Murtaza Khan said.

As the government declared Thursday would be a day of mourning and condolences poured in from the U.S., Britain and other nations, hundreds of people showed up at Islamabad's largest hospital and the airport seeking information on loved ones.

They swarmed ambulances reaching the hospital, but their hopes fell as rescue workers unloaded bags filled with body parts. A large cluster of people also surrounded a passenger list posted near the Airblue counter at the airport.

"We don't know who survived, who died, who is injured," said Zulfikar Ghazi, who lost four relatives. "We are in shock."

Mirza Ahmed Baig rushed to the hills after hearing that the plane carrying his brother had crashed. He wept amid the chilly weather, criticizing the rescue effort as too little and too lax.

"I'm not satisfied at all on the steps the government is taking," Baig said.

As of Wednesday night, when rescue work was suspended till the morning, 115 bodies had been recovered, federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said. DNA tests would be needed to identify most of them, he said.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Richard Snelsire confirmed that at least two American citizens were on board, but he declined to provide any further information on their identities or links to Pakistan.

Witnesses said the plane appeared to be flying very low and that it seemed unsteady in the air.

"The plane had lost balance, and then we saw it going down," Saqlain Altaf, who was on a family outing in the hills when the crash occurred, told Pakistan's ARY news channel.

The Pakistan Airline Pilot Association said the plane may have strayed off course, possibly because of the poor weather. Several officials noted the plane seemed to be an unusual distance from the airport, which was some 9 1/2 miles (15 kilometers) away.

"It should not have gone so far," said Air Vice Marshal Riazul Haq, deputy chief of the Civil Aviation Authority. "We want to find out why it did."

Raheel Ahmed, a spokesman for the airline, said the cause of the crash would be investigated. The plane had no known technical issues, and the pilots did not send any emergency signals, Ahmed said. Airblue flies within Pakistan and to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and the United Kingdom.

Airbus said it would provide technical assistance to the crash investigators. The aircraft was initially delivered in 2000, and was leased to Airblue in January 2006. It accumulated about 34,000 flight hours during some 13,500 flights, it said.

The only previous recorded accident for Airblue, a carrier that began flying in 2004, was a tail-strike in May 2008 at Quetta airport by one of the airline's Airbus 321 jets. There were no casualties and damage was minimal, according to the U.S.-based Aviation Safety Network.

Other Pakistani airlines have come under international scrutiny due to safety concerns.

In 2007, the European Union temporarily banned flights in its airspace of most of the aircraft operated by Pakistan's national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, because of concerns over the age of the aircraft and poor maintenance. The bloc lifted the ban later that year after the airline took action to comply with safety standards.

The last major plane crash in Pakistan was in July 2006 when a Fokker F-27 twin-engine aircraft operated by PIA slammed into a wheat field on the outskirts of the central Pakistani city of Multan, killing all 45 people on board.

In August 1989, another PIA Fokker, with 54 people onboard, went down in northern Pakistan on a domestic flight. The plane's wreckage was never found. In September 1992, a PIA Airbus A300 crashed into a mountain in Nepal, killing all 167 people on board.

The Airbus 320 family of medium-range jets, which includes the A321 model that crashed Wednesday, is one of the most popular in the world, with about 4,300 jets delivered since deliveries began in 1988.

Twenty-one of the aircraft have been lost in accidents since then, according to the Aviation Safety Network's database. The deadliest was a 2007 crash at landing in Sao Paolo by Brazil's TAM airline, in which all 187 people on board perished, along with 12 others on the ground.

Passengers list of crashed flight

Updated at: 1403 PST, Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Passengers list of crashed flight ISLAMABAD: Private airline ‘Air Blue’ issued the list of names of passengers onboard the plane crashed in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The names of passengers are Pyar Ali, Imtiaz Ali Kurd, Syeed Shaan-E-Hussain Naqvi, Prem Chand, Hassan Javed Khan, Syed Arsalan Ahmed, Mohd. Tufail, Abdul Rehman, Mohd. Faisal Rasheed, Mohd. Ovais, Hussain Alam, Ghulam Abbas, Naveed Ilyas,Mohd. Ali Mughal
Mohd Aftab, Shireen Lodhi, Mohd. Nawab Hassan,Asim Arain ,Ali Sherazi, Mohd. Bashir,Zahid Habibi,Dr.Mirko Cvjfticanin, Asia Begum,Mohd. Umair Khan,Haji Rehmat Gul,Mohd. Saqib Rafiq Shaikh, Misha Dawood, Ali Asghar Rajab Ali, Rashida Tyeb Khan, Murtaza Tyed Khan, Malik Mohd. Yousuf, Nabeel Lutfi, Manzoor Nasir, Saleem Ahmed, Rosie Ahmed, Salauddin Syed, Hamid Javed, Mohd. Yousuf, Ata Raja, Salman Khan Bijrani, Mehran Khan Bijrani, Anwar Bibi, Gulzar Bibi, Tariq Subhan, Abdul Ghaffar, Irfan Irfan, Mohd. Sultan, Mohd. Yaseen, Gayaba Khan, Manzoor Ahmed, Masood Salam, Syed Azam, Ojam Khan, Jannat Gul, Zaintun Bibi, Waheed Ur Rehman, Mohd. Feroze, Dr. Suresh, Mohd. Asad, Amir Siddiqui, Mona Dhonki, Mehlee Dhonki, Amir Dhonki, Afshan Dhonki, Masood Kayani, Zafar Saleem, Abdul Ghani, Adnan Qayoom, Abbas Haider, Osama Ghafoor, Mohd. Zameen, Andaleeb Junaid, Abdul Raheem, Mohd. Zaid Rauf, Anwar Begum , Nusrat Begum, Ali Shah, Kamran Shah
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5 rescued as passenger plane crashes in Islamabad

Updated at: 1241 PST, Wednesday, July 28, 2010
5 rescued as passenger plane crashes in Islamabad ISLAMABAD: Five people have been rescued from the wreckage of a private airliner crashed at Margalla Hills early on Wednesday.

One hundred and forty-six people including 139 adults, five kids and five crewmembers were onboard whereas 12 are those lucky people who missed the flight.

According to sources, an airbus 320 bound for Islamabad departed from Karachi at 7:50 am. The local residents said plane made low flight before the crash.

Rescue operation is underway despite difficulties because of hilly location of the incident site.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said five wounded being shifted to hospital whereas rescue operation and search for black box is underway. The airport control tower had signaled landing approach to the plane when it was just eight kilometers away from the airport, reports said.

Pakistan Airblue’s Airbus 320 Crashed Into Margalla HillsJuly 28 (Bloomberg) -- An Airbus-320 operated by Pakistan’s Airblue, which is privately owned

July 28 (Bloomberg) -- An Airbus-320 operated by Pakistan’s Airblue, which is privately owned, crashed into Islamabad’s Margalla hills today, a spokesman said.

At least 150 people were on board Airblue’s AD-202 which departed from Karachi at 7:30 a.m. and was headed to Islamabad, Raheel Ahmed, a spokesman for the airline said by telephone from Karachi. “I cannot say why it crashed, this airline is only six years old so our aircraft are relatively new.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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PM extends Army Chief’s term for 3 years from Nov 29

PM extends Army Chief’s term for 3 years from Nov 29
Updated at: 2247 PST, Thursday, July 22, 2010
PM extends Army Chief’s term for 3 years from Nov 29 ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani Thursday extended the term of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Ashfaq Paervez Kayani for three years starting from November 29, 2010.

In a televised announcement, the Prime Minister said the decision to extend the term of COAS has been in consultation with the President Asif Ali Zardari to ensure successful culmination of the ongoing war against terrorism.

“The government is presently engaged in war against terrorism which is now in a critical stage,” the Premier asserted, adding, this requires continuity of military leadership under the present Army Chief who led successful operations in Swat, Malakand and South Waziristan.

He said the Army Chief, due to his professional capabilities and leadership qualities, is looked upon with respect and honor both domestically and internationally.

The Prime Minister said the operations initiated against Army Chief remained engaged in the planning, execution and supervision of military operations, making possible success of the offensives launched against the militants.

G20: No charges over Ian Tomlinson demo death

Footage shows Mr Tomlinson being shoved - video courtesy

A police officer who was filmed pushing a man to the ground during the G20 protests will not face charges over his death.

Ian Tomlinson, 47, died after being caught up in the clashes on 1 April 2009 in the City of London.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said there was no prospect of conviction because experts could not agree on how Mr Tomlinson died.

Mr Tomlinson's son Paul King described the decision as "outrageous".

The officer who was filmed pushing Mr Tomlinson has been named as Pc Simon Harwood from the Metropolitan Police territorial support group.

Mr Starmer said there was a "sharp disagreement between the medical experts" about the cause of death, which led to three post-mortem examinations being conducted on Mr Tomlinson.

The first examination by Dr Freddy Patel - currently under investigation for alleged misconduct over four unrelated post-mortem examinations - found he died of natural causes linked to coronary artery disease.

The second pathologist, Dr Nat Cary, found he died of internal bleeding as a result of blunt force trauma, in combination with cirrhosis of the liver.

Ian Tomlinson's family and solicitor give their reaction to the decision

The third examination agreed with the findings of the second test. It was conducted on behalf of the officer.

Mr Starmer said there were irreconcilable differences between the evidence from Dr Patel and the two subsequent post-mortem examinations.

Dr Patel already faces disciplinary proceedings, and could be struck off, by the General Medical Council over alleged failings in his handling of four separate post-mortem examinations between 2002 and 2005.

Mr Tomlinson, a newspaper seller who was not involved in the protests, was walking home when he was caught up in the demonstration.

The video footage showed him being apparently struck by a baton and then pushed to the ground.

He was seen moving away after the incident but was found collapsed 100 metres away in Cornhill.

Mr Starmer also said that Mr Tomlinson was bitten by a police dog shortly before the clash.

Setting out the details of the decision, Mr Starmer said: "After a thorough and careful review of the evidence, the CPS (the Crown Prosecution Service) has decided that there is no realistic prospect of a conviction against the police officer in question for any offence arising from the matter investigated and that no charges should be brought against him.

"In the face of this fundamental disagreement between the experts about the cause of Mr Tomlinson's death, the CPS embarked on a detailed and careful examination of all the medical evidence and held a series of meetings with experts in attempt to resolve, or at least narrow, the areas of disagreement.

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"This inevitably took some considerable time," he added.

He added the CPS had considered assault charges but prosecutors felt that they could not prove the push substantially harmed the newspaper vendor.

A charge of common assault, which does not require proof of injury, could not be brought against the officer because there is a six-month time limit.

Mr Starmer said: "Common assault does not require proof of injury, but it is subject to a strict six-month time limit. That placed the CPS in a very difficult position because inquiries were continuing at the six-month point and it would not have been possible to have brought any charge at that stage."

The CPS also decided not to charge the officer, who remains suspended from duty, with misconduct in a public offence.

Mr Tomlinson's son Mr King said: "It's taken 16 months to get a no-charge against this officer.

"The CPS are clearly admitting the police officer assaulted our dad.

"We feel like it wasn't a full investigation from the beginning. It's been a big cover-up and they're incompetent.

"Why isn't there an assault charge? We feel very let down, very disappointed.

"We expected a charge. It clearly shows our dad being assaulted by a police officer," he added.

Mr Tomlinson's family solicitor Jules Carey said the family will consider whether they can appeal against the decision.

He said: "The CPS have accepted the conduct of the officer was unlawful.

"We now need to find out if there has been a lack of will or incompetence, and frankly there needs to be an inquiry into that."

Jenny Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said: "It's clearly an outcome that satisfies absolutely nobody and everybody comes out of it badly.

"The reputation of the police is poor, and morale won't be very good if public perception is that the police constantly get away with crimes and are never brought to justice.

"If everybody had moved a bit faster we might have actually been in the time-frame for an assault charge to be brought," she added.

Expressing "regret" for Mr Tomlinson's family, a Metropolitan Police spokesman, said: "There will, of course, be an inquest where the facts will be heard publicly. This is important for the family of Ian Tomlinson as well as Met officers and Londoners.

"We now await the IPCC's investigation report before being able to carefully consider appropriate misconduct proceedings," he said.

Deborah Glass, from the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said the circumstances of Mr Tomlinson's death will now be "rightly scrutinised" at an inquest.

She said: "We will provide a report on the officer's conduct to the Metropolitan Police within the next few days.

"The Met will need to provide us with its proposals regarding misconduct.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

US and Russian 'spy exchange' under wayThe US has deported 10 Russian agents as part of a prisoner exchange deal with Moscow. A flight carrying the f

The US has deported 10 Russian agents as part of a prisoner exchange deal with Moscow.

A flight carrying the five men and five women left New York after a judge ordered their expulsion during a court hearing at which they admitted spying for a foreign country.

Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has pardoned four people convicted of espionage in Russia.

They reportedly submitted a plea for pardon admitting their guilt.

The Kremlin named the four as:

  • Igor Sutyagin, a nuclear scientist jailed in 2004 for spying for the CIA
  • Sergei Skripal, a Russian military intelligence officer convicted of spying for the UK in 2006
  • Alexander Zaporozhsky, a former employee of Russia's foreign intelligence service jailed for espionage in 2003
  • Gennadiy Vasilenko, reportedly a former KGB agent

It is unclear where the flight carrying the 10 Russian agents will land, or where the prisoners being freed by Moscow will be released.

Unconfirmed reports suggest some form of handover may take place in the Austrian capital Vienna.

A senior Russian official was quoted by Agence France-Presse news agency as saying the Russian agents were expected to arrive back in their homeland on Friday.


The 10 Russian agents pleaded guilty to "conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country". More serious money laundering charges against them were dropped.


Madeleine Morris

The 10 agents appeared sombre in court. Two of the accused, married couples, comforted each other, holding hands and smiling.

There was a glimpse of the life that awaits the 10 when they are immediately returned to the country they tried to provide information to.

The lawyer for one of the agents, Vicky Pelaez, said Russian officials had promised her a lifetime monthly payment of $2,000, free housing, and all-expenses-paid visits from her children.

It is unclear if the other nine were given a similar deal.

Russian agents downbeat in court Vienna: playground for spies

Their New York court appearance was the first time they had all appeared in public together since being arrested last month.

Prosecutors said the accused had posed as ordinary citizens, some living together as couples for years, and were ordered by Russia's External Intelligence Service (SVR) to infiltrate policy-making circles and collect information.

BBC Washington correspondent Kevin Connolly says there is broad agreement in the US that the agents are being deported swiftly because neither government wants this to damage attempts to reset their often prickly relationship.

Court documents revealed the real names of five of the Russians involved:

  • "Richard Murphy" and "Cynthia Murphy" admitted they were Russian citizens named Vladimir Guryev and Lydia Guryev
  • "Donald Howard Heathfield" and "Tracey Lee Ann Foley" admitted they were Russian citizens named Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova
  • "Juan Lazaro" admitted that he was a Russian citizen named Mikhail Vasenkov

"Michael Zottoli" and "Patricia Mills" had admitted earlier they were Russian citizens named Mikhail Kutsik and Natalia Pereverzeva, Anna Chapman and Mikhail Semenko had apparently operated in the US under their own names, while Vicky Pelaez was born in Peru.

An 11th suspect known as "Christopher Metsos" went missing after being released on bail in Cyprus, where he had been arrested.

Moved to Moscow

The US state department said after the hearing that there would be "no significant national security benefit" in sentencing the 10 to lengthy jail terms.


  • 1962: KGB Colonel Rudolf Abel freed by US in exchange for Gary Powers, pilot of a U-2 spy plane shot down over the USSR in 1960
  • 1969: UK frees Soviet agents Peter and Helen Kroger for Gerald Brooke, jailed for spying in USSR
  • 1981: Guenter Guillaume, agent for East Germany's Stasi, exchanged for Western agents
  • 1985: US agents held in Eastern Europe handed over in return for a top Polish agent, Marian Zacharski, and three others held in West
  • 1986: Soviet dissident Anatoly Sharansky and three Western agents swapped for KGB husband-and-wife spies Karl and Hana Koecher and two other agents
History repeats itself as farce Who is on the 'spy-swap' list?

"The network of unlawful agents operating inside the United States has been dismantled," spokesman Mark Toner said.

"The United States took advantage of the opportunity presented to secure the release of four individuals serving lengthy prison terms in Russia, several of whom were in poor health."

The lawyer for Anna Chapman played down the importance of the Russian group's espionage in the US.

Robert Baum told Associated Press: "None of the people involved from my understanding provided any information that couldn't be obtained on the internet."

The Russian foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the exchange by Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service and the US Central Intelligence Agency was being conducted in the context of "overall improvement of the US-Russian ties and giving them new dynamics".

One of the Russian prisoners pardoned by Moscow, nuclear specialist Igor Sutyagin, was earlier transferred to Moscow from a prison near the Arctic Circle.

He reportedly told his family in Moscow that he would be flown to Vienna and released as part of a deal between the US and Russian governments.

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